ELSS Funds- Equity Linked Saving Schemes

ELSS is an open ended equity mutual fund with income tax benefits under section 80C of the income tax act.

ELSS invests majority of investments into equity and equity related assets and hence it is classified as EQUITY mutual fund.

ELSS is considered under high risk, high returns.

Fund NameExpense RatioExit LoadCAGR 3 YearsMin Investment
Canara Robeco Equity Tax Sav0.84%0%19.63%500 Rs
Axis LT Equity Fund ( ELSS)0.79%0%17.17%500 Rs
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund0.46%0%20.87%500 Rs
DSP Tax Saver Fund0.86%0%18.58%500 Rs
Kotak Tax Saver Fund0.72%0%16.93%500 Rs
Invesco India Tax Plan0.94%0%14.96%500 Rs
Aditya Birla SL Tax Relief 0.87%0%8.30%500 Rs
Tata India Tax Saving Fund0.76%0%14.59%500 Rs
UTI LT Equity Fund1.33%0%16.69%500 Rs
IDFC Tax Advantage Fund0.87%0%16.04%500 RS
Motilal Oswal LT Equity Fund0.75%0%14.62%500 Rs
L&T Tax Advantage Fund1.21%0%10.65%500 Rs
Franklin India Taxshield1.04%0%12.37%500 Rs
SBI Long Term Equity Fund 1.23%0%13.56%500 Rs
Sundaram Diversified Equity 1.77%0%10.13%500 Rs
HDFC Tax Saver1.25%0%9.37%500 Rs
Nippon India Tax Saver Fund1.19%0%8.60%500 Rs
BNP Paribas LT Equity Fund1.07%0%16.10%500 Rs
Quant Tax Plan0.57%0%29.48%500 Rs
HSBC Tax Saver EQuity Fund1.26%0%13.05%500 Rs
LIC MF Tax Plan1.29%0%13.30%500 Rs
Taurus Tax shield1.7%0%10.11%500 Rs
JM Tax Gain Fund1.69%0%16.13%500 Rs
BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund1.67%0%20.63%500 Rs
Edelweiss LT Equity Fund 0.68%0%13.84%500 Rs
IDBI Equity Advantage Fund1.19%0%10.23%500 Rs
Quantum Tax Saving Fund1.29%0%11.12%500 Rs
SBI Long Term Equity Fund1.23%0%13.56%500 Rs
Navi LT Advantage Fund0.4%0%12.01%500 Rs
Baroda ELSS 961.77%0%12.31%500 Rs
PGIM India LT Equity Fund1.38%0%15.90%500 Rs
UTI LT Equity Fund1.33%0%16.69%500 Rs
Mahindra Manulife ELSS 0.73%0%16.05%500 Rs
Principal Tax Saving Fund1.99%0%12.14%500 Rs
Indiabulls Tax Savings Fund0.55%0%10.68%500 Rs
Shriram LT Equity Fund0.65%0%N/A500 Rs
Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund1.15%0%N/A500 Rs
ITI LT Equity Fund0.38%0%N/A500 Rs

Please check yourself before doing any investments. This post is for education only.

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