Intraday FnO Stocks – 30th August 2021

These are FnO stocks that are bullish can take bullish trades, if markets trade in bullish these stocks can gain more momentum. All Prices on Futures.

Bullish Stocks

Navin Flor – SL 3800
SRF – SL 9300
SBI Life – SL 1160
CUB – SL 146
Ultratech – SL 7450
MindTree – SL 3580
National Al – SL 82.5
HDFC AMC – SL 3000
Voltas – 976 SL

Bearish Stocks

Astral – SL 2030
Auro Pharma –
Glenmark – 525 SL
Hero – 2711 SL

UPL & Auro Pharma are bearish in longer time frame but bullish in shorter time frame, cahanging of momentum is seen, have to act based on mondays price action.

Disclaimer: All the information posted is for education purpose only. Do your due deligence.

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