Intraday FnO Stocks – 31st August 2021

These are FnO stocks that are bullish can take bullish trades, if markets trade in bullish these stocks can gain more momentum. All Prices on Futures.

Bullish Stocks

Indiamart Intermesh – SL 7645

PI Ind – SL 3230

Polycab – SL 1980

IEX – SL 465

Deepnitrite- SL 2220

Hind petro- SL 255

Coal India – SL 136

RBL bank -SL 165

Federalbank – SL 80 above 82 very good

Godrejcp – SL 1049 above 1100 very good

Naukri- SL 5950

LTI – SL 5240

Bearish Stocks

Manappuram – Below 160.25 bearish, SL 163.5

Disclaimer: All the information posted is for education purpose only. Do your due deligence.

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