Intraday FnO Stocks – 1st September 2021

These are FnO stocks that are bullish can take bullish trades, if markets trade in bullish these stocks can gain more momentum. All Prices on Futures.

Bullish Stocks

Apollo Hospitals – SL 4870, Tgts 5120 & 5200

Adani Ports- Good abv 735, SL 728 Targets – 765 & 782

HDFC – Good abv 2750, SL 2740, Tgts – 2850, 2875

Indigo- SL 1865, tgts – 1950, 2000

IGL- Bullish above 550, SL 538, tgt 565-570



Bearish Stocks

Au Small – 1105 Sl, bearish below 1065, tgt 1000, 990

Power grid – bearish below 170, SL 176, tgts 165, 160

Disclaimer: All the information posted is for education purpose only. Do your due deligence.

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Dont forget to do your analysis.

You know disclaimer and all that stuff!

Please this post is for education purpose only.

Name : Raghavendra S
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