Top 10 Bullish Stocks – 20th September

Friends there is a video I had made and these levels are the continuation to the video.

Click on the below link for the video:

Friends normally I take a maximum of 6% loss for swing trading & 12% loss for positional trading.

So the same rules I am following here also.

The stocks i discuss here are bullish as per my setup, this doesnt mean they go to moon, i will follow very strict position sizing rules and decipline while trading and request everyone should do the same,

  1. Indigo – SL 1920

2. Kotak Bank – SL 1880

3. IRCTC – SL 3640

4. M&M Fin – SL 165

5. Polycab – SL 2360

6. ZEEL – SL 247

7. Dabur – SL 624

8. Eicher – SL 2690

9. HDFC Bank – SL 1495

10. SBILIFE – SL 1111

11. ITC – SL 220

12. Apollo Hospitals – SL 4590

Disclaimer: All the information posted is for education purpose only. Do your due deligence.

Dont forget to do your analysis.

You know disclaimer and all that stuff!

Please this post is for education purpose only.

Name : Raghavendra S
Youtube link:

One thought on “Top 10 Bullish Stocks – 20th September

  1. Hi bro, Can you please comment on bajajfinserve at Sep 20th Market.
    I bought Bajajfinserve sep 18000 ce @180
    Now it is in 155…please comment your view on this


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