NTPC Options Trade – 20th April – Positional

NTPC Long Term Chart

Relative Strength chart of NTPC ATM CE

Option RS Chart

NTPC 163 CE Option Chart CMP 3.5

NTPC Option Chart

RS Chart NTPC vs Nifty 50

RS Chart

Disclaimer: All the information posted is for education purpose only. Do your due deligence.

All details about the analysis presented in the above charts friends! Enjoy!

Dont forget to do your analysis.

You know disclaimer and all that stuff!

Please this post is for education purpose only.

Name : Raghavendra S
Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThinkEquity1
Website: thinkequity.in
email: thinkequity1@gmail.com
telegram: t.me/thinkequity1

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