Turtle System Trading – Trading Technical Analysis Mentorship Program

Live Trading Classes with Objective Trading Methods on Option Buying & Option Selling

Turtle System Trading – Trading Technical Analysis Mentorship Program
A comprehensive rule-based approach and application of Technical Analysis to
trading – Very detailed approach towards discretionary & non-discretionary
trading of options in live markets

→ Module 1:
→ Price Volume Analysis
→ Understanding the importance of volume
→ Analyzing the price action with volume
→ Understanding the psychology behind, accumulation, distribution, buying
climax. Selling climax, volume stopping etc.

→ Module 2:
→ Understanding Risk management
→ Understanding Money management
→ Understanding Position Sizing
→ How to pick low risk, high reward trades
→ Mastering the mindset required for Trading

→ Module 3:
→ Understanding candlestick patterns & formations

→ Module 4: Candlestick Indicators
→ Understanding RSI
→ Understanding ADX
→ Understanding Moving Averages

→ Module 5: Options
→ Basics of Options, put option buying and selling, call option buying and
→ Basic option trading strategies for profitable trading.
→ How to use option trading for hedging.
→ Intraday Option Buying
→ Option Selling

→ Module 6: PnF Charting Analysis
→ Understanding PnF Charting
→ Construction of PnF Charting
→ Understanding PnF Chart Patterns
→ PnF Indicators
→ Application of PnF charts for Straddles & Strangles
→ Application of PnF charting methods for Options

→ Module 7: Renko Chart Analysis
→ Construction of Renko Charts
→ Brick Value & Time Frame
→ Renko Indicators
→ Understanding Various Renko Patterns

Module 8: Comparative Relative Strength

  1. Understanding Relative Strength & Its Importance
  2. Application of RS
  3. The course duration will be 4 weeks
  4. Weekly 3 to 5 classes mostly from 7 to 9 PM (any change of timings will be
    announced with sufficient prior notice) Including Live Classes
  5. Start date of the course 30/Sep/2022 (Tentative 1 or 2 days)
  6. If you miss the class recording will be available.
  7. The fee for the course is 14500 Rs. Non negotiable
    For any questions or details required contact on thinkequity1@gmail.com
    WhatsApp/ Telegram message only: +91 7416941390

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